Sea Affaire – The Piranha Shop: Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

The maiden voyage of “Sea Affaire” was a solo effort by local artist Solace. This year Solace accepts the role of captain and insists on assistance. A motley crew of artists was assembled to man the ship.

We welcome aboard Michelle Anderst, the natural observer of the crew. Her delicate structures and attention to detail are sure to marvel. Ego was a must for this trek. His tattoo heritage coupled with his patented whimsical creepiness will surely supply some maritime merriment. His ability to harness water-based pigment makes Levi Hastings an obvious addition to this cast. Drawing from his many travels and filtered through his eye for design, his tales are not to be missed.  Megon Shoreclay is a true  explorer. Enamored with the mysteries of the natural world, she brings vibrance and excitement to her vision. To complete this ensemble, there is Joe Vollan. His dedication to adventure is unparalleled as he grounds us with his search for contentment and hope in dilapidated worlds.

Please join us for the celebration of this year’s “Sea Affaire” collection. All crew members will be in attendance.