WonderKin -WOWxWOW Gallery: April 5th -26th, 2019

​April 5th – 26th  – ​WonderKin (Group Show)

Participating Artists:

​David Alvarez | Jenna Andersen | Adam Augustyn | Ana Bagayan | Scott Balmer | Daniel Bautista | Steven Russell Black | James Boswell | Robert Bowen | Matt Byle | Brendon Flynn | Katie Gamb | Alex Garant | ​Davor Gromilović | Scott Holloway | Ana Juan | Michele Melcher | Archan Nair | Jeremy Nichols | Dolce Paganne | Lucas Parbo | Aaron Piland | Dusty Ray | Brian Serway | Andi Soto | Joey Stupor | Jon Todd | Tof Vanmarque | Kelly Vivanco | Joe Vollan | Win Wallace… and more!

Grimm -Ars Memoria: February 9th

Oculus Obscura Collective is excited to announce our artist line up for the Grimm show at Ars Memoria in Chicago! Inspired by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, this will be the first gallery show of all our artist in the collective! 

Artist include: Martin WoodheadShane IzykowskiBam Maslar Marilyn Garrett Jen Lightfoot Christina Maslar Carl Ingram Ivonne CarleyDaniel Mythcity MarcilLee Harvey RoswellJoe VöllanHeatherRoseTea & Canvas: The Art of Catherine E. MoorePeeMonster (Deidre Morton) Stephanie InagakiJustin Kephart @dave_thomas_paintings (Dave Thomas) Daniel Fisher




Trading Card Art Show II -Gristle Art Gallery: December 1 -January 12, 2019

Trading Card Art Show II
opening December 1, 2018

It’s back! Affordable pocket-sized artwork by an incredible lineup: 3rd Version, Gina Altadonna, Jennifer Baker, Gori Bautista, Cory Benhatzel, Christine Benjamin, Michal Brodka, Megan Buccere, Holly Cappello, Ashley Caswell, Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, Hannah Cunningham (odd job art), Christa Dippel (defectivepudding), Katie Gamb, Kaila Gee, Sarbani Ghosh, Jeremy Hush, JoKa, Alexis Kandra, Jena Kane, Michelle Avery Konczyk, Edith Lebeau, Kelly Lyles, Caitlin McDonagh, Michele Melcher, Rebecca Reeves, Kenna Reid, Bill Ross, Shane Sollender, Sybiline, Joe Vollan, Emily Wenner, Jane Ann Wynn, and Miranda Zimmerman (faunwood).
Gristle Art Gallery
26 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, NY  11211
12 – 7pm Tues – Sun

Small Wonders 7 -Arch Enemy Arts: November 2nd – 24th, 2018 ​

SMALL WONDERS 7 group show

SMALL WONDERS is back for its 7th year and will feature 40+ artists with over 100 pieces of new original and affordable works!

Everything will measure 12″ (or smaller), and be priced at $250 (or less)!

Small Wonders 7 participating artists: 3rd Version, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Alexis Talia, Allison Reimold, Allison Sommers, American Queen TJD, Angela Rio, Ania Tomicka, Bam Maslar, Ben Howard, Bernardo Corman, Bill Ross, Bronwyn Lorelai, Bruce Parker, Caitlin McCormack, Carly Slade, Colin Frangicetto, Dan Lam, Daniel Mythcity, Darla Jackson, Drew Leshko, Erika Sanada, Grace Lang, Hanna Jaeun, Jeremy Hush, Jessica Dalva, Jesse Jacobi, Joe Vollan, John Walker, Jon Ching, Jono Doiron, Julianna Menna, Kaila Gee, Kristen Egan, Maria Teicher, Nathan Durfee, Nathan Reidt, Nom Kinnear King, Paul Romano, Rebecca Reeves, Robert Bowen, Sarah Cannon, Sheri DeBow, Thomas Ascott, Wiley Wallace, Wiser Oner

Arch Enemy Arts • 109 + 111 Arch Street in Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 717-7774  https://www.archenemyarts.com


Cult of Meow II -Gristle Gallery: September 8 – October 13th, 2018

image by Bill Ross

CULT OF MEOW II opening September 8, 2018

Gristle Gallery’s annual cat appreciation show! New work by adipocere, aica, Gina Altadonna, Diane Irvine Armitage, Cory Benhatzel, Christine Benjamin, Braden Duncan, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Katie Gamb, Hanna Jaeun, Alexis Kandra, Megan Lynn Kott, Leegan, Grelin Machin, Caitlin McDonagh, Michele Melcher, Margaret Morales, Emma Mount, Mumbot, Johannah O’Donnell, Phoenix Chan, Bill Ross, Vanessa Seixas, Linnea Strid, Joe Vollan, Michelle Waters, Michael Weaver, and Jane Ann Wynn.

Gristle Art Gallery
26 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, NY  11211



Sonic Splendor II -Revolution Gallery: August 3rd – September 1st, 2018

Revolution Gallery is proud to announce their next exhibit — “SONIC SPLENDOR II”


“SONIC SPLENDOR II” fuses the worlds of music and art, bringing both mediums together for an inspired exhibition from international and national artists. Each work of art is an interpretation of a song chosen by the artist, transforming a sonic experience into a visual form.

“SONIC SPLENDOR II” Opening Reception is Friday, August 3rd from 8:00pm to 11:00pm and features music, art, and beer and wine specials.

Participating Artists:
Arabella Proffer, Brett Hess, Cangshu Gran, Craig LaRotonda, Frank Forte, Jeremy Cross, Joe Vollan, Josh Stebbins, Leanne Davies, Maria Pabico LaRotonda, Michael Mararian, Michele Melcher, and Timothy Patrick Butler.

Revolution Gallery
1419 Hertel Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214